I had this argument with my sociology teacher the other day.

  • Him: so to sum up, women wear makeup so they can persuade men to pay more attention to them
  • Me: how untrue.
  • Him: excuse me?
  • Me: you think females wear makeup for boys? No, sit down. Females do nothing for the benefit of men. Maybe people with no respect for themselves. With gender roles, there is communism. We're all equal, and we don't do things to impress the opposite gender. Unfortunately we are being raised in a society where woman are being made to think that wearing makeup makes them a better person, and makes men more attracted to them. Well that's the shit society we live in, thinking that us females wear makeup to intrigue males when it's actually for our self esteem benefit. Men don't control us. Because if it takes doing something as little as wearing makeup to make men vulnerable, darling we control them.
  • Him: I need to rethink my goals.